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While I try to carefully prepare all materials, I might make mistakes. Please feel free to reach out if you spot an error or a doubtful statement in my posts.

Stats/ML tutorials

I started a series of Stats/ML tutorials at our lab meeting to discuss some topics in statistics and machine learning that are commonly seen in biological applications. My goal is to give a presentation of each topic at a high level and also discuss practical considerations for using the involved methods. In general, the target readers are students without strong Stats/ML background but with some experience in using these methods.

Convex optimization lectures

Convex optimization techniques play an important rule in my research. I took Professor Patrick Combettes’s course, Convex Optimization Methods in Data Sciences, when I was a Ph.D. student at NCSU. My research benefits a lot from that course, and I review my class notes quite often to remind me of some technical details. To help myself understand them deeper, I decided to document my notes into lectures and shared them here. I may reorganize some lectures, include some examples (particularly those I met in my research), and incorporate my own understanding. For more technical details, please refer to his book Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces. But I am happy to discuss any questions/comments. Shot me an email if you would like to discuss.